How do I book time? 

  • To book time on our calendar requires a valid credit card. Your card will only be billed in the event of a no-show.

  • If you would like to book time, click here.


What is the cancellation policy? 

  • After time is confirmed with a credit card, we require 7 days notice to release days without penalty. If you cancel within 7 days you will lose 50%. Please don't cancel!


What about piano tuning? 

  • As with most studios, the client is solely responsible for piano tuning. The pianos (upright or grand) are tuned fairly often, and many times it might not be necessary, but if piano is central to your project we highly recommend having them tuned (about $100 per piano). Only the piano(s) you plan to use need be tuned.

  • Tuners: Vince Mrykalo (801) 375-1987 or Russell Sorensen (801) 860-8354. Both are excellent and reliable. Please try to give them at least 5 days notice or you might have a hard time booking them, check with us if you need to have them come in on a day before your booking.


What else? 

  • Questions about your session, start times, specifics will be handled by your engineer.

  • Most of our engineers are also excellent producers. If you need help with your songs, your musical style, choosing/booking musicians, help with inspiration or direction while recording then you (and everyone!) need a producer. Producers usually cost a bit more, but the payoff comes in a much better recording. Please contact one of us, we are here to help you make your best music!