New partnership with D’Addario and Evans

We are so happy to announce our partnership with D'Addario and Evans. They will help us keep our instruments in shape for more great recordings.   

So far really enjoying the new IEC Power Cable +  -

The UV1 snare heads we ordered are amazing, we have been playing this snare for days, not only does it sound great but you wouldn't have any idea it's been played, there are no marks or dents!  

Please check out these companies, they are really helping out our local music scene as well as musicians everywhere.


It's been a very busy 2015 so far.   We've been working with some really great artists:  Sego, The National Parks, The Brocks, Fictionist, The Moth & The Flame, RKDN have all been in the studio.  We've also been mixing new stuff by The Moth & The Flame, The National Parks, The Vibrant Sound, MCKC and Zach Knell.   The next few weeks will see The Str!ke, Calee Reed and Book On Tapeworm all visit the studio.  Thanks to the many great artists we get to work with it looks like it's going to be a very full year.

Enjoy a new track from Stephanie Mabey produced by Scott Wiley here at June Audio:

New releases

A couple new releases that we are really proud of.   

1st - Gusto put some of their latest tracks up for a listen.   This is such a great project and a really fun one to be involved with.  The tracks were produced by Gusto and Scott Wiley and mixed by Scott.  Have a listen:


2nd - Kaskade was in recently to mix a few tracks from his REDUX EP.  Check out one of the tracks mixed by Finn Bjarnson and Scott Wiley:  


3rd - The New Tarot was in all the way from New York.  The tracks were Produced by Nate Pyfer and recorded and mixed by Scott Wiley


4th - Jay William Hendersons album has been released and what a great album it is.  Jay was in  last fall working with Scott Wiley and Ryan King    


and 5th - Sarah Sample and Edie Carey were in the studio working with Scott Wiley and Ryan King last January on their beautiful new record 'Til The Morning: Lullabies & Songs of Comfort.  The album is out now and definitely deserves a listen. 

Cherie Call LP Sessions

Cherie Call was in recently recording her 8th album.  Most of the recording was done completely live with great musicians - Pat Campbell, Tyler Lambourne, Dustin Christensen, Debra Fotheringham, Paul Jacobsen, Brian Hardy, Colin Botts, Mark Smith, Dylan Schorer and Scott Wiley and plenty of great burritos.

The Hollering Pines

Great photos from the recent session with The Hollering Pines, courtesy of Kiki Jane Buehner.

Check out video from one of the takes of Oh Mama. 

Parlor Hawk

Parlor Hawk was recently in to record their second album. 

John Allred

John was in recently to lay down a few solo tunes with Pat Campbell, Stuart Maxfield and Dustin Christensen.