The Lower Lights, Mideau, The New Electric Sound, Fictionist

Lately we've had The Lower Lights, Libbie Linton and Spencer Harrison working on their new project Mideau, and The New Electric Sound, as well as the guys from Fictionist who were in recording some music for BYU-TV

'super' group

Excuse the lack of updates, things have been so busy, just haven;t found time.  In February, after doing some rearranging and opening up the new lounge, the studio hosted a band made up of Tom Luce, Charlie Colin formerly of Train, Steve Bowman formerly of Counting Crows, Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon and producer Sean Genockey. 

update:  these guys never paid their very large bill, went to court, it's been awful. 


Some photos from the recent sessions for Allred’s upcoming album.


All photos courtesy of Trenton Michael Photography.


Fictionist, Hilary Weeks and The Lower Lights

We spent the last few weeks with Fictionist recording a new EP to be released soon.  Now we are spending days recording vocals and mixing for HIlary Weeks.  Some of these sessions will be streaming live, so be sure to check out the live stream link in the navigation bar.  

Also, mark your calendars, The Lower Lights will be back in the studio August 25-27 and 29th.  All of the sessions will be streamed and it should be a good swho so tune in. 

Dustin Christensen

Recently began to record the 2nd half of Dustin Christensen's long awaited solo album.  Everything was recorded live with 11 players: 

Dustin Christensen - vocals and acoustic guitar

Paul Jacobsen - banjo, electric guitar, background vocals

Dylan Schorer - pedal steel, lap steel, electric guitar

Brian Hardy - piano, organ, wurlitzer, bells, background vocals

Debra Fotheringham - acoustic guitar, background vocals

Aaron Anderson - drum kit, percussion

Pat Campbell - drum kit, percussion

Stuart Maxfield - bass

Mark Smith - cello, mandolin, background vocals

Ryan Tanner - acoustic guitar, wurlitzer, bells, background vocals

Scott Wiley - bass, electric guitar

Sarah Sample

Sarah Sample came back with a whole new batch of amazing songs for her new album Someday, Someday.

This time we decided to go for a hybrid approach to the all live in one room thing we did on Sarah’s last album.  You can see a video I shot on my phone as the band was learning one of the songs here.  If you’d like to hear even more, check out this version of Calling My Name that Jed Wells shot when we were out for lunch during the sessions.

The main difference was putting Mr Pat Campbell off in his own room, so he could be free to open things up a bit.  I must say it was so great to get to hear Pat let loose again.

I went with my own version of the Glyn Johns 3 mic method.  U67 up top, AEA R84 looking over the floor tom to the snare drum. 

along for the ride this time were:

Sarah Sample - vocals, guitar, ukulele

Ryan Tanner - guitar, keyboards, vocals

Dustin Christensen - piano, vocals

Paul Jacobsen - acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, percussion, vocals

Pat Campbell - drums, percussion

Ryan Tilby - upright bass, electric bass guitar, ukulele bass, banjo, broom

Brian Hardy - keyboards, bells, bass drum, pump organ

Dylan Schorer - pedal steel, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lap steel, mando guitar

George Brunt - electric bass guitar

Scott Wiley - electric guitar, electric bass guitar, knobs, buttons

Peter Breinholt - snaps

Andy Allen - snaps

and special guest Mai Bloomfield from Raining Jane - cello, guitar, vocals

Everything  on this record was done completely live, and there was very very little comping or editing at all.  this included at times 5 part vocals, 7 or 8  instruments, etc etc.

We recorded the entire album in 3 days -  July 12th-14th.   all in all, thanks to Sarah’s excellent songs, and  the amazing players who gave their all, this is one amazing album.

Click to hear a song from the album.


After many years away, and after much debate and negotiation, June Audio Recording Studios is officially back.  Things around the studio won't be changing much, but from now on we have an official name again!